How do I get my dog enrolled at Barks and Rec?

The first step is to visit our customer portal here. From there you will be taken to our customer portal, where you can input your info, your dog’s info, upload pics & vaccine records, and even make a request for your first daycare reservation! Once all this information is received, your request will be approved.

What are your requirements for a dog to attend daycare?

All dogs must have proof of our required vaccines, either submitted via the customer portal, through email, or in person. The vaccines we require are Bordetella, Distemper/Parvo (commonly listed as DHPP or DAPP on records), and Rabies. Puppies are not eligible to begin daycare until the series for both Bordetella AND Distemper/Parvo has been completed, which is typically a series of 4 boosters completed around 4 months. All dogs over the age of 7 months must also be spayed or neutered. We recognize that many vets are recommending owners hold off on spays and neuters until 12 months, however at 7 months dogs can reproduce so we cannot make exceptions to individual pups based on vet recommendations. All dogs must also pass a temperament test. Temperament tests do not need to be scheduled before your pups first day, but we ask that you please give yourself an extra 5-10 minutes that morning so staff may complete the test while you wait in the lobby.

What will my dogs first day of daycare look like?

We ask that on your pups first day you plan to arrive between the hours of 7 & 10 am. It is much easier to introduce a new dog into the pack & less stressful on your pup when we do it early in the day. Prior to introduction to the pack, we will do a temperament test, where we will monitor your dog’s reaction to the group and be on the lookout for any signs of aggression (such as bared teeth, snapping, growling, raised hackles). We will continue to monitor your pup for the remainder of the day, as your first visit is treated as a trial day. At pickup we will have a quick chat to let you know how your pup did, and if we have any recommendations for future visits.
Please note: After their first visit, many dogs (especially puppies) will have a “Daycare Hangover”. They may be extremely lethargic, uninterested in play or food, and just plain pooped for up to 48 hours. This is totally normal and should not be confused for illness. As your pup attends daycare more often, the hangovers will decrease as they adjust to their new level of play and exercise!

Does Barks and Rec have live webcams that I can watch from home?

Because Barks and Rec provides job training services to adults with developmental disabilities, we do not have live webcams for our clients to access. Not all of our individuals are able to give their consent to be filmed, and therefor access to webcams would be a HIPAA violation. We do have several monitored security cameras around the facility that can be accessed by staff members if necessary. We have an Instagram page @barksandreccbus that we update throughout the day via posts and stories, and we also send home daily report cards with pictures and a list of friends and activities your pup enjoyed throughout the day!

Does Barks and Rec separate dogs by size or play style for daycare?

Barks and Rec does not guarantee that pups will be separated while attending daycare. While we do have the ability to do so, around 80% of the time or more they are all together in the main area. Our daycare space is large enough that the dogs tend to separate themselves into groups by play style and activity level on their own. On particularly busy days, we will separate them ourselves, but again we do not guarantee this on any given day.

What should I bring with my dog while they are boarding at Barks and Rec?

The only thing we require that you bring upon boarding is your dog’s food and any medications that they take. Barks and Rec can provide bowls, beds, cots, and blankets upon request. If your pup has a special bed or blanket you are welcome to bring it, however, please be aware that some pups become destructive while boarding and it may be torn up. You may also bring a bone or indestructible chew toy for them to have in their kennel overnight. Rope toys and stuffed toys will not be left out unsupervised because of the risk of ingestion. Barks and Rec also offers services such as Peanut Butter Kongs and One on One time to help make your pups stay as enjoyable as possible!

Does Barks and Rec seperate by size or play style in Daycare?

Yes! We have two seperate areas now, one area for small and medium dogs and another for the big dogs!